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Foggy Waters

Family Problems

In a perfect world, family is the definition of joy, happiness and contentment. In reality, family is a challenge for most of us. We all have had parents and/or parent figures. And, in truth, just about all of us have the need to reflect on our experiences in order to land on solid feet in the world.


Parenting children, being an adult child, being a sibling, blending families, grief in families, there are just a few of the topics in the category of Family Problems. Often we keep our deep, painful thoughts about family and family members private because of the guilt instilled in us not to speak ill of family. 


In reality, we can become healthier and develop wonderful, deeper, loving relationships with family members by processing our childhood therapy. I have a particular passion for working with adult children, mother-daughter relationships especially.


Enhance your world by getting perspective on this important piece of your life and existence by getting the wonderful tools to communicate with grace and care to your family loved-ones.

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the two most common complaints people mention when they come for counseling or therapy. These two emotions are very personal in that our perspective is unique. Our experiences have been unique and our future is also justs that: ours.

Therapy can help a person learn what their stressors are and where they came from. Also, therapy can help you understand just what anxiety is and how to calm it. The tools to minimize these challenging emotions are available to learn, along with a better, deeper understanding of our own experience of life.

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Life Coach

Coaching is a process where a coach supports a person to achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. We can help you set and achieve these goals focusing on the present and future. 

There is no clinical training in helping individuals resolve personal  or psychological problems. Working with a clinician who also has a certification in life coaching allows for a more wholesome experience in your growth. 

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